Property Short Sale and Benefits for All!

As dreams are taking newer turns, so are our efforts to realize them. It is only natural for anyone to dream of a home of one’s own, where one can live with one’s loved ones and cherish all the dreams that one had regarding a home, sweet home. And to acquire this, one can actually do anything starting from laboring day in and day out for paying that sky-high mortgage, even compromising on several aspects of daily life. But what happens when you miss to repay one installment? They threaten your property for real estate foreclosure. However, unlike most things, you have this in your own hands and decide the fate of your own home by being able to avoid foreclosure auction, avoid losing home and short selling your property pre foreclosure.

Why would you do that? Property short sale means selling your property at a value less than what you owe your bank or the lender organization for the mortgage under question, that is, less than the loan balance, which is secured against the property. This way you can save a lot of your money, which otherwise you would have needed to pay the lender along with saving yourself and your loved ones from all the humiliation and embarrassment that facing foreclosure auction generally induces. Some times, you may end up selling your home at a rate higher than what you owe the lender entity, thereby saving some cash for yourself for future reference. This would not have been possible if you would have let the lender take complete charge of your property.

Why would it interest the lender? A very obvious question arises here as to why the lender entity would be interested in such a transaction where it is receiving less than what you owe him. The answer to this is simple, indeed. By compromising on a section of its due balance, the lender entity is basically saving a lot of its expenses that it would have to spend otherwise in conducting a lot of paper works, by carrying out the legal procedures of foreclosure, refurbishing the property, marketing it, finding the suitable investor and so on and so forth. Just the simple organization and execution of the property foreclosure auction could cost the lender as much as $50,000, which is not a sensible investment in the absence of an assured buyer or investor.

The question that follows is why any investor would like to buy a short sale property. The answer to this too is simple enough – a short sale property usually sells at very down to earth prices, which at times can get as low as 60% of the actual worth of the property. Moreover, with the increasing rate of foreclosure and the subsequent rise of property short sale, the real estate industry is booming all over the United States and is showing much promise to interested US and overseas investors. Investors can earn great profits on these short sale properties by buying them from the homeowners at a very humble rate and reselling them in the open market at standard industry rates.

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