Staging Your Las Vegas Home For A Sale

Putting your Las Vegas home on the market is one thing, but adequately preparing it for buyers is a whole different matter. Home staging is the term used by real estate professionals to help prepare your house so that it will look its absolute best. Realtors will tell you that buyers usually make a decision about a home within the first ten seconds of their visit. Therefore, a wonderful first impression is imperative if you are to sell your home quickly. Should you stage your Las Vegas home? If so, what exactly is involved with home staging?

Although your real estate agent or broker is knowledgeable and skilled on how to market your Las Vegas home, they may not be particularly adept at interior design. That is where a home staging professional comes in. If you use one, they will work toward helping you eliminate clutter, rearrange furniture, and improve your home’s curb appeal. This may involve moving a painting from one wall to another, removing a bulky chair out of a crowded room, trimming the front yard shrubbery, etc.  In some cases a Las Vegas home staging professional may recommend that you bring in additional furniture, but you must realize that there is an extra cost involved if you choose that option. 

Your real estate agent should be able to refer a home staging professional to you. Most Las Vegas home staging professionals will offer a free written estimate of their recommendations and services. Ask for references from the home staging professional and call them to verify their work.

If you choose a professional who truly excels at home staging, you could recoup the costs of this service through a higher selling price.

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