The Power Of Appreciation

If you truly want to bring into your life everything that you desire, then start with appreciating all that you have now. Here’s how it works – you bring into your life whatever it is that you focus your thoughts upon. So, if you focus on all the lack in your life, you get more lack. But if you focus appreciation on all that you have, you get more of what you want.  

Of course the question is “But how can I appreciate not having something?” The answer is to appreciate the things in your life right now. Enjoy where you are right now. Then think of the things you desire, but look at them with the thrill of expectation. Think of it like this: when you plan a vacation, it’s has not happened yet, but you are filled with excitement anticipating the thrill of all you’ll see and do. You’re not depressed because you are not on vacation now. You know it is coming. 

That’s how the Power of Appreciation works. Appreciate the now, and be thrilled with the anticipation of obtaining all that you desire, and more will come into your life.

Just like your goal is not to complete your vacation – it is to enjoy it. The same is true with all of your desires. You always have new desires. You’ll never fulfill them all, because no sooner is one fulfilled that ten more are born. It’s what keeps you alive. Can you imagine living each day with the thought that you have already fulfilled every desire? That there is nothing else to achieve? Of course not. There would be no purpose to life. So desires are not the lack of something; they are the promise of what is yet to come. How exciting! All that you want – you’ll have. 

Knowing that there is no lack – only desires yet to be fulfilled, you can relax, appreciate, and enjoy all that is already in your life. If you want to be happier, and fulfill your desires even quicker, try this exercise: take a few moments several times a every day to notice and appreciate some of the things in your life that you would miss if they were no longer in your experience. For instance, you might appreciate the home in which you live, the electricity which powers your house, the softness of your bed, the laugh of your loved ones, the sounds around you, the multitude of colors, the smell of Thanksgiving dinner cooking, the PC on which you’re working. When you realize the importance these experiences play in your life, and the void their absence would make, it is easy to feel appreciative of all that you have. 

Don’t mistake that I’m saying settle for what you have. To the contrary, I’m saying enjoy what you have, while fully anticipating the fulfillment of all you desire. The point is to fully appreciate everything you have, which will lead to experiencing everything you want. 

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